Drawing Desk: Draw, Paint Art

Drawing Desk: Draw, Paint Art

Drawing, painting, sketching & coloring app with 44 Million+ users globally

Drawing Desk is the free drawing game for adults and kids on Android. Now you can start drawing, doodling, sketching, painting or coloring on your phone or pad. Our unique collection of pro tools such as pencils, crayons, watercolor brushes, 3D brushes, etc will help both kids & adults to create amazing art works. Drawing desk app is the best app to draw art or illustrations.

Drawing Desk app features 5 pro digital art drawing modes, Kids Desk, Sketch Book, Doodle Desk , Coloring Book and Photo Desk. The drawing game welcomes users of all ages and makes the Drawing app a complete creative pack to create art.

Love to draw, sketch, paint , color and doodle ? Want to Learn how to draw ? We got you covered with amazing features,

-Pro sketching tools such as pencil, pen, crayons, watercolor brush, fill bucket, Paint roller,etc
-App supports multiple layers in sketchbook
-Option to control brush size and opacity
-Fully featured Color Palette to draw and paint art.
-Share your paintings , illustrations & sketches with friends.
-Draw game includes 500+ Coloring pages of Animals, alphabet, numbers, -Fruits (Orange, Apple, etc) for kids.
-Draw colorful stickers, shapes & patterns
-Import unlimited pictures to paint & draw on photos.
-App works offline & online! Draw and paint without the internet.
-Coloring game releases new pictures everyday for painting geeks
-1000+ coloring pages for painting.
-Draw effects on pictures using live brushes, magical filters, stickers.

The best app to draw, paint & scribble and to create pro digital illustrations and art.

What's New

Welcome to the grandest premiere of Drawing Desk’s latest update. We introduce some AI features for the first time with this update.

1. AI Colorization

It’s music to your ears! Cause Drawing Desk just dropped its hottest single! Impressively powerful AI colorization makes its very first appearance on Drawing Desk 6.4.0. Let the AI do the talking with automatic colorization or add color hints to jazz up your art with your pre

2. Import Tool powered by AI

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Updated on
Jun 13, 2022
10,000,000+ downloads
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4Axis Technologies
Released on
Aug 8, 2014


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