Back up your contacts & access them anywhere

Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices
• Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud
• Access the contacts in your Google Account from any device

Keep your contacts organized and up to date
• View your contacts by account (e.g., work vs. personal)
• Easily add contacts and edit information like phone numbers, emails, and photos
• Get suggestions for adding new contacts, merging duplicates, and more

Also available for Wear OS.

What's New

• Updated icon that better reflects today's modern experience and shares the same design language as many of Google's other helpful products
• Filter your contacts list to show only contacts with phone numbers or email addresses, or filter by Company
• See information about your contacts that you added with Google Assistant

More Information

Updated on
Nov 16, 2022
1,000,000,000+ downloads
Offered by
Google LLC
Released on
Dec 7, 2015


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