Instaclean - Clean your Inbox

Instaclean - Clean your Inbox

Clean your Inbox - Bulk delete junk emails & unsubscribe from unwanted emails

Dear Friend,

Instaclean is a simple email cleaner app built by normal people like you.

Email is a necessity but when you have thousands of unread junk mails, what do you do?
◾ Either abandon the email and get a new one but you end up losing all your previous transactions and contacts.
◾ Or you can declutter your inbox and block spam from hitting your inbox from now on.

If you choose the latter, Instaclean is one of the applications that can help you fix your inbox.

How does it work?
With our two main features, you never have to spend another unproductive moment deleting emails.

+ Instaclean scans your inbox for newsletters and automatically lists them down in a simple user interface, where you can :
- Unsubscribe/ Block future emails from a particular sender and delete all mails received thus far.
- Or you can choose to continue receiving emails from the sender.
- If our algorithm is not able to list down any of the newsletter that you have received, you can manually enter the sender address and block emails from them.
+ Instaclean also aggregates all the emails by sender, label and size that can be deleted in bulk.
With this feature you can:
- Delete all emails from a particular sender.
- Completely clear out any folder in your mailbox.
- Free up storage by deleting all the mails that take up most space.
For Example, On a single click you can delete all mails sent by or empty the spam folder or mails that are bigger than 5 MB.

We have helped our users cleanup more than a billion emails. Use Instaclean to declutter multiple mail accounts in one go.
We don’t charge you for these services. So you can achieve a squeaky clean mailbox for free of cost.

What about your privacy?
We love our privacy and know that everyone does too. That is why we built Instaclean, keeping your privacy as our highest priority.
We produce anonymized statistics on digital trends and sell the license.

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Jun 17, 2021
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Mar 2, 2019


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